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in that same poll by eight points a few weeks ago. we have team fox coverage. ed henry is in california. cal cameron in virginia. the governor covered a lot of ground in that speech. >> he did. this was mitt romney's attempt to suggest that president obama's foreign policy is essentially failed across the globe. there were a whole number of hot spots that they singled out. at one point he suggested the president has only hoped for a strategy and it's not a strategy and mr. romney said we simply can't afford four more years of the current foreign policy. here is a little of his speech. >> with iran closer than irrelevant to nuclear weapons capability, with the conflict in syria threatening to destabilize the region and with violent extremists on the march, and with an american ambassador and three others dead, likely at the hands of al-qaeda affiliates, it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. >> democrats complained romney's speech was filled with criticism but not a lot of policy specifics. mr. romney's policies speech today will
of a rare shark attack off the coast of california and this one was deadly. officials say the victim was a surfer and that his friend witnessed the whole thing. it happened at a beach off vandenburg air force base about 160 miles north of lang. the last known deadly shark attack in the united states was two years ago around the very same spot. and in that case the animal literally took a bite out of the victim's boogie board. adam housley live in our west coast news hub. what else do we know about this latest attack, adam. >> yes, shepard. almost two years ago to the day in this same spot we have been told there have been a number of warnings but the out in the area over the last few months. there have been shark sightings as far as south as santa barbara an hour drive south of where this attack took place. we're told it happened at surf beach off the coast of california. a 38-year-old man was surfing with his buddy. his buddy saw him get attacked by a shark and pulled under. he swam to him, took him ashore. performed cpr. by the time the authorities got there he basically pled to de
on to an airplane isn't going anywhere for a while. just hours ago a judge in southern california ordered the suspect held without bail. this comes after investigators found all sorts of weapons and supplies in his checked luggage last week. look at this. they say he was carrying a smoke grenade, knives, hatchet, three billie clubs, gas mask and biohazard suit. >> he also had collapsible baton, handcuffs and body bags. when they caught him at los angeles international airport he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and flame resistant pants. greg jared is in our newsroom tonight in new york city. i guess this is self-explanatory for the reason that the judge ordered no bail. >> you are exactly right. the feds argued this guy is a danger to the public. they apparently found evidence in the computer of harris that he could be prone to committing acts of violence against kids. well, that was enough for the judge to keep him locked up. harris' bag was packed with that frightening arsenal but only the smoke grenade is actually banned on aircraft. the knives and hatchets and all the other stuff does
meteor shower that just started lighting up the skies over northern california. witnesses say they could not believe how close it all looked. >> all of a sudden i see this huge -- it looked like a huge rock or meteor or something fly over us. i went like oh my god what is that? >> it looked like a movie. it was so you literally see the flames on it. >> forecasters say warm weekend temperatures and cloud free skies mean quite a show for residents the next few days. >>> first we saw a dramatic drop in the number of new jobless claims. and now the new numbers are giving economists another surprise. we will ask what this all means. speaking of surprises, did you hear what happened to google today? a mistake that could cost investors billions of dollars. they even halted trading. that's coming right up as we approach the bottom of the hour. ?oi right now somewhere in massachusetts lives a woman with the worst timing ever. you see she split up with her boyfriend just before he hit the lotto. >> she broke up with me, but right now i am not worried about it. i was heart broken at first, but now
say it could lead to inflation in the future. an amtrak train has derailed in central california after officials say a big rig truck slammed right into it just south of fresno. as many as 40 people reported hurt in the crash. when several cars jumped the tracks. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub now. trace, exactly how did this happen. >> well, the train was heading south from oakland to bakersfield. it crashed in a town called hanford which is 30 miles outside fresno it appears that a truck carrying a cotton by product actually blue through the signal and crashed into the train. it looks like three of the five railcars are off the track. you can see two of them there at a 45-degree angle. the people inside were tossed about. 169 on board. 40 injured. at last check 17 were taken to local hospitals. none of the injuries this time appears to be live -- life threatening. the driver of the truck that collided with the train is said to be in pretty serious condition. diesel is leaking from the train. authorities belief they can get it cleaned up relevant relatively quickly. non-inj
. >> shep: thanks so much. folks in california now have to deal with a fourth straight day of record gas prices. the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded only inched up by a fraction of a cent. 4.67 on average. that's 50 cents higher than it was last week. and way above the national average. look at the prices at this station in southern california. wow! approaching $6 a gallon. analysts say the cost should drop soon because the supplies are about to increase. keep in mind, one refinery is back on-line after it last power last week. farmers in california say the cost of gas is hurting their bottom line. obviously. the economists say for now, this should not translate into significantly higher food prices at the grocery store, but stand by. >>> a leukemia patient who said she was making an end of life trip to hawaii claims the transportation security administration agent refused her request for a private pat down and forced her to lift up her shirt and peel back her bandages. this woman also claims the agent opened a saline bag and contaminated the fluid that keeps her alive. she claims t
. if you are in florida, or california and new york, shep, a lot of stores were affected. california in that state alone 20 stores were effected. check your credit card statements. change your pin numbers and take precautions. >> they will make good if it wasn't yours. so you can't drive 55, huh? how about 85? i mean, without getting a ticket. we'll take you to the new highway where it won't cost you a dime, even if they catch you going 85 miles per hour and safety experts say well, it might not hurt you in the pocketbook but don't crash. we are live on the fastest road in america. straight ahead on "the fox report." here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelit
department, the f.b.i. and others have that video. speaking of video, the one in california made by an individual and out there for a period of time also clearly had no direct effect on this attack. >> when i was in libya, good part of the day, never once did a person ever mention a video. never. >> two documents obtained by congressional investigators, we now know that there were at least 230 security related incidents in the year leading up to the attack on the consulate in benghazi. at the hearing today, we heard from lieutenant colonel wood who recently oversaw a military security team in libya. >> it was apparent to me that we were the last flag flying in benghazi. we were the last thing on their target list. >> what we also heard today, a fact that was reported by fox news at thend of september, is that the consulate in benghazi did not meet the specific physical standards mandated by the state department for a posting that is high risk for terrorism and high risk for civil unrest, bill. >> a dangerous country. thank you, reporting in washington. the white house has taken a
urgent now. a panel here in california has just recommended parole for one of the man son family followers. bruce davis has been locked up for 40 years for murdering two people. those killings not connected to the infamous sharon tate killings in 1969. the parole board's decision is not the last word here. the governor of california jerry brown has last say on whether davis should go free. davis turns 70 years old tomorrow. the feds have just charged more than 90 people with trying to steal our tax dollars. the suspects are accused of taking part in medicare schemes that submitted nearly $430 million in fraudulent billing. doctors and nurses among the suspects. the assistant attorney general lanny brewer explained how one scheme in houston allegedly took advantage of mental patients. >> these defendants have allegedly bribed medicare beneficiaries with cigarettes, food and coupons instead of giving these beneficiaries real medicare care, hospital owners and operators allegedly plunked them in front of the television and billioned medicare on their behalf. >> the feds made similar
in the jobless rate in september. harris? >> harris: wendell goler, thank you very much. now to california, where drivers were doing a double take at the gas tank today. this is what they woke up to. more than 5 bucks a gallon in some places and that's for regular unleaded. prices spiking as much as 20 cents in just overnight hours. that adds up to a surprise in just the past week in some places. it's causing long lines at many gas stations. others closing up shop rather than stock the price of gasoline. fire at chevron plant in august there was also a power outage at exxon mobil plant. officials are saying now it's back on line they expect the prices should drop. hopefully soon. fbi investigators now confirming who they believe pulled the trigger in the shooting of that u.s. border patrol agent earlier this week. and a recall on peanut butter is expanding tonight. reports young children getting sick. what you need to know to stay safe. that's coming up inside "the fox report." stay close. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how
up in prison in california but around the time of the original crimes, one of those followers may have admitted to more killings, in audio recordings with his attorney. now the l.a.p.d. wants access to those recordings. but the judge ruled the cops cannot have them because they are currently tied up in a bankruptcy case. trace gallagher is in los angeles. did the cops say that there might really be some evidence on those tapes? >> will, that's the thing, shep, is the l.a.p.d. hasn't given us exactly what is on those tapes and what exactly they are looking for. now, the thing is, except for the unsolved murders that happened around the same time that the man son murders they say there are some similarities there because the same time, the same area, the man you are talking about there is text watson. is he the man son follower who was recorded back in 1969 speaking with his lawyer. watson is also fighting to make sure that these tapes are not released and that federal judge says the l.a.p.d. simply has not given him a good enough reason to release them. but a man who covered this c
on the ground. california. folks got a sneak peek at the new shuttle endeavor exhibit at the california science center in los angeles. the simulation of a mission control environment opens next week. nasa retired its space shuttles last year. endeavour arrived at its new home nearly two weeks ago after a two mile-per-hour roll through the streets of l.a. wisconsin. a bride reportedly wanted something grand for her wedding. her mom is a baker and cooked up a giant wedding cake. 20 layers. seven flares. big enough to feed nearly 1500 people. >> i would say it's equivalent to five normal wedding cakes. >> the mother of the bride designed it after her own wedding cake from 26 years ago, and that's a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> the military is calling it the biggest missile defense test it has ever conducted. we'll show you how the systems did on the video. plus, disgusting new claims about the pharmacy suspected in that deadly meningitis outbreak that swept much of the nation. we're learning th
story on a fox trip across america. california. authorities say they found 96 bottles ofhlylammle hetitta thesngo owupht on the spot. doctors used ether as an anesthetic during surgery in the 1950s. these bottles were apparently part of a hospital's emergency stash. mian fryn dita w fl.l mi xt door says it's the second fire there in five years and it's been complaining about poorly stored pallets since the first one. investigation underway. nobody hurt. inmethsaak tynsastng her bike right outside the front door. >> i just immediately stood up and ran out the door. >> she didn't even have shoes on. but she flagged down a driver and followed the guy while she diedhes. > id ct h zoo keepers outside miami say the public is just days from seeing this little guy, oliver. a baby mony born at the zoo. the staff says these monkeys are amg thmatndmo an tsoxat across america. >> bill: that deadly meningitis outbreak killed yet another person. now there are new accusations ou t pmanko t amedic he t i a mt but first, football star turned actor alex karas died today. a big man with an even bigg
, trace. >>> two trains collided with semi trucks at two different locations in california. the latest i want happened yesterday afternoon near fresno. a truck driver in the hospital, but investigators say he will survive. and the three people on the freight train are said to be unhurt. that came a few hours after an amtrak train collided with a truck just about ten miles away. we reported on that last night during the fox report. amtrak spokeswoman says 39 people were injured there and among them, a newborn baby thrown from his mother's arms. >> the seat in front of us was literally ripped out and fell on top of him. so i had to lift the seat up and dig under the debris and i found him in his car seat. >> bill: investigators say the crossing gate was down and warning signals were functioning when the collision took place. >>> some encouraging news from u.s. auto makers. chrysler today reporting it had the best september sales month since before the recession. the nation's smallest auto maker reports that sales jumped about 12% last month and that it sold more than 142,000 vehicles, the
the same jump that the satellite endeavour made its arrival at its home in los angeles, california. the skydiver almost had to abort this jump what happened? >> there were problems on the way up and on the way down. 30 minutes before the way up he noticed his face plate weren't working. temperatures were 60 degrees below zero. if the mask heater didn't work he wouldn't be able to see. if he began spinning, which he did, he couldn't stop because he couldn't see the horizon line separately. he need to see his wrist to know when to pull the chute. it almost happened. listen closely during his 800 mile-per-hour free-fall, that's a football field in less than a second, baumgardner says his mask began to fog up. >> i repeat my visor is smoking up. >> well, it worked. but he came close to scrubbing this mission before the jump. shepard? >> shepard: what's in it for the sponsor here, william, red bull? >> well, the only thing traveling faster than baumgardner on sunday was that live feed to millions of viewers in 50 countries and the twitter traffic afterwards. experts say the jump half sc
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)